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Catherine Sanders is a native Texan, born and raised. She is an artist and perfectionist by nature. With her precision for tasteful defined lines combined with her reputation for pigment color theory, eyebrows come alive in her work.  Her love of enhancing ones own natural beauty, while, complimenting unique facial features of all types is widely accredited. She is obsessed with creating the most life like realistic looking brows possible.


While Catherine has a broad career resume that previously includes roles as high school teacher, corporate sales and IT recruiting, she has never been more thrilled to be doing something she is so passionate about. Something that allows her to use her creative and artistic talents now everyday.  She especially loves the satisfaction Microblading offers by helping others feel better about themselves and giving them the confidence they sometimes never even knew they had.  She takes pride in her work and joy in her studio where many tears have been shed as clients leave with the brows they've always wanted.


In addition to her certification with the Health Board, Catherine is a certified Permanent Makeup Artist and licensed Tattoo Artist in the State of Texas.

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